Marcus Meinhardt


Hailing from Thüringen, the DJ and producer Marcus Meinhardt nowadays calls the Berlin club-and music scene his home and he is definitely one of its most important representatives. Also in the inter-national scene Marcus Meinhardt is a well known name since many years. He plays regularly on the big floors oflegendary clubs and he knows how to rock! His sound leaves nothing to be desired.In the last years he worked a lot for the former „Katerholzig“. Currently Marcus Meinhardt is resident DJ and a fixed part of the new Berlin scene club „Kater Blau“, which recently opened its doors on the new Holzmarkt area. Also as a producer Marcus has established himself on the highest level. Most of his hits were released on the great Berlin Label „Katermukke“-how can it be different?! Meanwhile he has upgraded and set up his own successful label „Heinz Music“. Music creations by an impressive list of artists including GuidoSchneider, Siopis, Jens Bond, Britta Arnold, Andreas Henneberg, Schleppgeist, D-Nox & Beckers and many more were published on „Heinz Music“ and characterize the label.


Heinz Music, Katermukke


Berlin, Germany